A Penny with a hole in it

A Penny with a hole in it

Dionne Farris sings a song called “Hopeless”, which is a melancholy song from the movie Love Jones.  I fell in love with the song the moment I heard it and it's been a self-introspection over a nice glass of wine ever since.

The song discusses moving on and finding strength after experiencing emotional pain and disappointment. The lyrics suggest a sense of longing for a better time and a desire to break free from negative situations.

This song also discusses the morning and yesterday as symbolic representations of the past. The morning signifies new beginnings and possibilities, while yesterday represents a time when things were different. However, the singer acknowledges that staying in the past for too long is detrimental and it's time to be strong and move forward.

The chorus emphasizes how others perceive her, which are labeled as "hopeless" and compared to a penny with a hole in it, emphasizing feelings of worthlessness and being unable to hold on to value.

Despite all of this, the song makes you feel a refusal to be defined by these labels and asserts their determination to overcome the challenges one may face.

The repetition of the chorus highlights the persistence of these negative perceptions.

I often hum this song as I’m painting and I immediately feel a sense of relief and joy. I encourage those who haven’t heard this song to carve out some time in their day to take a listen and you might enjoy this song as much as I do. 

Dionne Farris & Tracy Chapman also remakes this song beautifully. “A Penny with a Hole in it”! 

This song is a reminder of the universal struggle of finding hope and redemption in times of despair and uncertainty.

It addresses the intense emotions that can consume individuals when faced with overwhelming challenges or personal setbacks. It encourages listeners to confront their personal demons and embrace the chance for healing and transformation.

Overall, "Hopeless" is an introspective song about the struggle to let go of the past, find inner strength, and overcome external judgment. It encourages resilience and self-belief in the face of adversity.





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