About Me

Camellia is a self taught artist from Memphis, TN. She began drawing in Elementary School and painting using acrylics in 2000. My work derives from personal inspiration, conversations, revelations and a continuous learning process of life. 

In addition to handcrafting jewelry and experimenting with mixed media, my goal is to have my work speak to the masses and teach other aspiring artists. I'm determined to continuously educate myself to better my skills so I can share my knowledge and techniques to other creatives that desire to learn. 

Camellia’s Art is an Art and Accessory brand for the art lovers and chic & stylish individual that goes from the boardroom during the week to brunch on the weekends with stand out style. 

Under the founder & Designer’s unique vision, Camellia’s Art is here to help you express your unique sense of style and love for Art without blending in with the same predictable mass produced accessory items and Artwork everyone else is has.

With over 15 years experience in painting and drawing as well as crafting, each item under the brand is hand made or chicly curated by Camellia to ensure individuality and a cutting edge fashion look. 

What started out as a simple jewelry class in 2009 to learn basic design skills has now evolved into what I feel is a unique brand that stands out amongst other designs.