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Camellias Art

Indie Necklace

Indie Necklace

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Stunning Necklace made of Melon Carved Turquoise, Hand Dyed Batik Water Buffalo Bones from Kenya,Buffalo Horn , African Taureg Brass from Mali West Africa, a Sebucao Seed, African Bauxite Beads, Wood sphere, Moroccan Resin and a jade sphere.

Because each bead was different from the others I created the necklace asymmetrical for an eclectic look.

**It is lighter than it appears

Adjustable 18"-20"

Dress it down with jeans and a solid long sleeve t-shirt. Dress it up with pants and a white button down shirt. Go to the symphony with a black scoop neck dress. Make it more boho or hippy with some chains or strands of smaller beads.

Make a statement...Enjoy it 

Note: There are no matching earrings. However if you would like me to create some, please let me know.

Note: I source all of my beads, both gemstone and ethnic very carefully and responsibly. Each piece is handmade, so colors and patterns are all one-of-a-kind and will vary.

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