Shell Studded Earrings

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Each of these tiny stud earrings are created from pieces of chipped or broken gemstones or sea shells that have been set in resin. The pieces have been arranged so that only their best sides are showing. Here is a brief description of each pair:

1. Hawaiian shells, coral, rhinestones, glitter, resin

2. Hawaiian shells, silver plated starfish, freshwater pearls, rhinestones, microbeads, resin (SOLD OUT)

3. Amethyst, freshwater pearls, rhinestones, microbeads, resin

4. Aquamarine, Hawaiian shells, rhinestones, silver mica flakes, resin

*I never take any living creatures from the beach - any items I find while beach combing have already been washed up on the shore and have been dried out/bleached due to natural exposure to the sun prior to my finding them.

~ 3/8 of an inch (1 cm) in diameter

~ sterling silver or gold filled posts