Close all those tabs!!

Close all those tabs!!

Have you ever looked at your phone and realized your browser history has over 100+ tabs still up and running? Well.. that’s my life and I’m here to tell you to close all those tabs. I have! and it has freed up more space for new ideas and more available storage for my phone AND MIND!

Apply this strategy for your life and watch how free you feel. Mentally, I have so many ideas and thoughts running through my head. Especially in the wee hours of the morning I’m up searching ideas that consistently run through my mind. (Traveling, art tips, business ventures, etc). All these tabs remained open and running in my mind. 

‘Busy is drug that a lot of people are addicted to’ 

Many of us resonate with the saying ‘my brain has too many tabs open’ — aka the overwhelming state of having a ridiculous number of simultaneous thoughts and ideas, and an ever-growing to-do list floating around in your head! The mental equivalent of having multiple browser windows open on your computer screen.

I have created 5 Strategies For When Your Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

1. Breathe

Continuously breathe! Deep breathing has a multitude of health benefits. As far as your brain, deep breathing allows time to pause and create an opportunity to clear your mind and redirect your thoughts.

2. Meditate

I know this is easier said than done! But sitting silent and being still is much needed for the brain. I just recently began this technique and I love it and have been using it regularly.

3. Move

There are many health benefits of being physically active and can translate equally to the brain. I’m no sportswoman, but I know there is power in getting physical. You can move in any way, but if it’s 12am try saying to yourself “I need some rest” and shut your eyes. If it’s during the day, stand up and stretch, walk outside (maybe try meditating in the fresh air!), or plan to exercise in whatever way excites you (run, bike, yoga, pilates, crossfit etc).

Movement distracts you from over thinking and gives your brain the energy to deal with the tabs.

4. Remember the blink

A intentional blink is a strategy I learnt from my cousin. She talks about it at length in many of her IG posts. The concept is simple, in essence your mind ‘blinks’. Like an eye! And in those few fractions of a second your mind can skip absorbing information in front of you. Whether you’re trying to multitask (hello too many tabs open!) or concentrating too hard on one thing to see the next, the intentional blink is responsible for the missing links.

5. Make friends with the tabs

Well….consider those tabs your frenimy! Just as there is a scope for friendship (a fundamental dislike exists) and the key to maintaining this friendship is self-care. First and foremost you need make friends with yourself!

Some don’ts: avoid opening more tabs (you don’t need them); and say no to the unhealthy route (it’s tempting to pop a sleeping pill or down a bottle of wine in one sitting in an attempt to distract yourself from the tabs, but, ultimately, these are not good self-care options).

Remember, technology is where the saying ‘my brain has too many tabs open’ came from in the first place! Now, I am pro-tech (my to-do list and calendar, aka my entire life, is stylishly managed via my iPhone) but I am also a big fan of the digital detox, that is, no TV, no laptop, no mobile phone etc.

When it comes to too many tabs, pressing the escape button is my #1 tip! Try to ‘switch off’ (for at least a few hours at a time). And close those tabs! This detox will allow you some white space to process the flurry of content in your brain, and hopefully lessen the clutter in your brain.



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