don’t be a “katt williams”

don’t be a “katt williams”

In a climate where Black people need to come together and show more love, Katt Williams rant only proves he’s boiling in hate and negativity.

There are few who enjoy all the hate, but most of us feel what Katt Williams did only reveals he’s a negative individual who is only hating on the success of each person he thought he was shaming.

After listening to about 45 minutes of this interview on Club Shay Shay (which is a messy show) by former NFL receiver Shannon Sharpe. You have to listen to the entire podcast to actually make judgement.

It’s extremely long! Two hours and 46 minutes long. So, while I painted I listened to this messy podcast.

Mostly, listening to the podcast only confirmed what I already believed, but in a different way. I must say, praises to Katt because he is highly intelligent! I mean, you couldn’t do what he does — be a successful comedian who regularly checks people with such vicious dexterity and stage presence — and be stupid.

Furthermore, I’m inclined to believe most of his criticisms about Hollywood in general, because shady practices are present in every form of the entertainment industry. Black comedians who reach the levels of success such as Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey, two of the comedians that Katt repeatedly went after in this podcast, definitely aren’t immune to criticism.


My opinions aren’t solely based on things Katt Williams said and who he talked about, it’s that he often comes across as intelligent and even likeable, which is an impressive thing to pull off considering how he went off about soooo many comedians.

But his behavior really compromises his likeability!

I can’t tell you how many times watching this interview I heard him make claims, something to the effect of, “I’ve had more comedy specials than any other comedian, living or dead.” Ignoring for the moment the issue of whether having more specials makes you inherently more funnier or successful of a comedian — I would argue quality over quantity, but that’s my opinion.

Moral of the story, don’t be a “Katt Williams”. If you think shaming someone else will make you look like an angel….

or exposing someone else will make you look better…

it won’t! It only makes you look miserable and hateful. 

We all have bad days! When we wake up we may feel like blasting everyone who hurt us or let certain people know “what really happened” in a situation. But the truth is, no one really cares. You shouldn’t care!

Let people think what they think and move on with your life. I must say, in my own experiences, harboring so much negativity kills you inside!

So, if you see your peers being successful or someone doing the same things as you & winning in life!…guess what?? You can be just as successful! 

In due time ⭐️



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