Love is NOT all you need!

Love is NOT all you need!

While sipping my coffee this morning preparing for my class today I thought of how relationships (whether it be romantic or friendships) You need more than just Love.

“You need mutual respect. You need support. You need boundaries. You need people to be there when it matters. You need space to grow and acceptance when you do. You need people to show their love in a way you can understand.”

Unfortunately we all believed a musical myth when we heard “All you need is love!”

I feel, when it became a musical and widely used word, we stopped looking for real compatibility, respect, maturity, and we thought that OUR love could fill in all the gaps and fix the flaws!

Now I’m not saying that love isn’t important, it is extremely important! It’s just not the ONLY thing we need.

To be emotionally, spiritually and physically healthy we need all the things listed in the second paragraph of this entry.

When we don’t have these things, and I’m sure most of us have experienced negative relationships where these  things were lacking, we were deeply affected emotionally, spiritually and physically!

I have learned we need these things not only in our relationships with other people, but we also need them in our relationship with our-self! Which is most important.


Be bold, be courageous, go after what you need by starting with your relationship with yourself first!

Everything flows outward from there!




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