The thing about hearing NO!!

The thing about hearing NO!!

It can be difficult to overcome the hurdle of hearing “no”.  We’ve all heard it before, for one reason or another.

Sometimes it bruises our ego, and at other times it disappoints us to the point that we want to give up.

If your goal is to work in the sports industry or other entertainment industry, you will more than likely hear what is or isn’t possible when it comes to your career.

For me, I paint and I’m fully aware that everyone won’t like my style of art so when I’m applying for different events or other projects, I’m always thinking if the owner will appreciate or understand my work. Well, one owner didn’t like my art today and I was extremely hurt! It’s difficult hearing no but it also builds thicker skin and courage.

See, opposition is a part of life, especially when it comes to breaking barriers, but it doesn’t mean we have to let it stop us. We must keep going and create our own “yes”!

We have no control over the actions and responses of others, but we do have total and complete control over how we react!

What if we decided to make each no we received and every rejection we encountered something that empowers us?

Instead of avoiding rejection, what if we made the decision to seek rejection? Sounds strange right?

Instead of avoiding no or perhaps simply tolerating it, what if we went out of our way to actually go for no!”

Because, essentially we all want to hear yes right…but in order to get to your destination of YES, you have to get through NO’s.



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