“How did I survive today?”

This is an automatically generated question from our brain to cope with an inconvenience that happened or a letdown that kept you disturbed.

Having the option to deal with awful days is a particularly significant thing to acquire throughout everyday life, since you can’t escape bad days, and in the event that they're not taken care of usefully, they can turn from awful "days", into weeks and even months

Regularly, you may neglect to understand when you're having an awful day, or you may even attempt to keep away from your miserable sentiments or imagine they don't exist. LIKE MYSELF

In any case, by doing this it will just annoy you, since, in such a case that you suppress everything, you may get to a point where your feelings "explode", and you think that its significantly harder to adjust.

By recognizing it is a bad day, you can zero in on what’s needed to make important changes.

Rather than fleeing from your negative feelings, you embrace them with graciousness and empathy. 

Self-graciousness includes effectively consoling ourselves, reacting similarly as we would to a close friend.

For me, when I’m having a bad day, it’s hard to complete things and be productive, which leaves me confused and unproductive.  So I do some of the below activities to uplift me.


Of course I also paint! Even if I’m not painting a portrait or working on another project. I paint on a blank canvas.  

Because…..Terrible days can come out of nowhere!

You can be on a run, out doing your own thing and then BOOM!!! out of nowhere you feel slug with confidence issues or whatever else you’re facing.

This makes it difficult to tell how to react to an awful day. 

Would it be a good idea for you to simply continue with your daily practice, and expect things to end right???

Or just take a deep breath and go for a walk?  

It's up to you whether to lead the day, or to let the day lead you.



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