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Camellias Art

Selfie Paint Kit

Selfie Paint Kit

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Please read the full listing prior to purchasing. 

We all know how much fun it is to take selfies, but what if you could turn your selfies into amazing works of art to paint? 

Introducing my premium Selfie Paint Kit - a delightful way to unleash your creativity and capture your distinctive self-expression! This all-in-one kit provides all of the materials necessary and is designed for individuals who love taking selfies and want to bring their self-portraits to life through the medium of paint. Perfect for all skill levels, make it your own and show off your artistic flair with my customized experience. 

I create a personalized digital print from scratch and provide a canvas kit catered to the beauty I capture in you! You can faithfully reproduce your favorite selfie and hang it on your wall to display.

Included: 11X14 pre-drawn canvas, 3 paint brushes, acrylic paint colors, cardboard easel, palette, & disposable apron. 

Please note that each selfie photo is designed to capture the unique essence of ONE individual's face. My canvases do not include backgrounds or body photos. If your photo includes TWO or more faces, kindly reach out to me for special upgrade accommodations and additional pricing to

The Selfie Paint Kit is not just about painting; it's an invitation to celebrate yourself, embrace your individuality, and express your inner artist. Your finished artwork will be a reflection of your unique identity, capturing your personality, style, and creativity in a vibrant and expressive manner. Let your creativity shine and decorate your space with this exclusive piece of YOU!

Please note that the production time for all custom drawings is estimated to be 3-4 business days (after revisions have been approved). However, please keep in mind that any additional edits or revisions may extend the overall production time. I am dedicated to surpassing my processing time expectations. I strive to deliver your requested tasks as quickly as possible, ensuring efficient and timely service. After completion of the drawing, I will send you a digital draft to review and confirm. If you are happy with the design, I will start processing immediately, otherwise, I can make up to 2 revisions. Your response to my email is crucial. Without it, there's a possibility of a delay in delivery. 

It is essential that we receive your approval response before we commence production and initiate shipping. It's crucial to monitor all emails or messages sent to ensure processing times are adhered to. If response times are delayed, it could potentially lead to an extension of order processing. There are no exceptions to this. I'm committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with the final result. It's important to note that revisions are applicable exclusively to the ORIGINAL photo request. After approval, your image is produced and further modifications cannot be accommodated.

At Camellia’s Art, I guarantee the prompt preparation and shipment of your DIY Art Kits here in Chicago, in adherence to my shipping policy as outlined below.

As mentioned, production time for all custom drawings is estimated to be 3-4 business days. Orders are typically processed within 1 business day, from the date you approve your drawing template for the selfie kit. Please take note of the production time indicated. I understand that timing may be crucial, so if you have a specific delivery date in mind, please don't hesitate to reach out to me before placing your order. I’ll be more than happy to assist you in coordinating the shipment accordingly. 

Once you have made your purchase, kindly send a high-resolution photo to Please ensure that you keep a close eye on your email, as I will send you a draft for your approval usually within 1-2 business days but I will not exceed the time mentioned above for the design stage. It is essential that I receive your approval response before I commence production and initiate shipping. Thank you.

Commercial license is required to use a design from Camellia’s Art on any finished product/item you intend to sell for monetary gains.


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